The overall plot is of Meg Murry, a girl who feels awkward in her own body, who embarks on a magical journey with her younger prodigious brother Charles Wallace and her friend, Calvin to find her missing scientist father. They are led by three celestial beings - Mrs Who, Mrs Whatsit, and Mrs Which. They end up fighting a great evil, where Meg will have to accept her faults and love herself for who she is.


On Pines by A Fine Frenzy

I enjoyed A Fine Frenzy (AKA Alison Sudol)'s third album, Pines.  This is my thoughts on each Pines song, as well as my favourite lyrics for each song. Alison's lyrics are really beautiful and I just enjoy her songs a lot. Pinesong Pinesong is a calming song that is about pining for who you once [...]