I guess this is a pretty important sort of announcement. In my previous post, Blog Advice Needed, I said that I was pondering whether to change the name of this blog (URL, username, the whole lot), and finally decided that I should start all over again, but with a firmer mindset this time. So if anyone [...]


What I’ve been up to

Here's a hint what I've been up to: things. Well, you say, that's not really helpful, is it? Just imagine saying it grandly with a hint of being mysterious. What have you been up to? Things. Back to the point. I remember that I used to post something like once a week. That wasn't even [...]

So lately…

This may be a ranting post (if there is such a thing), but here goes. Lately, I really do not have the slightest idea how to feel. To try to describe it, the feeling is like a jumbled ball of confusion, worry and just weird. There are important exams that I will be sitting for [...]

A Bookish Statement

Apologies for not turning up earlier. I have just gone through the terrible ordeal known as exams. *shudders in horror* I'm not exactly done with my exams yet, but the only ones I have left are listening tests next week, so I'm all good for now. So today I thought I would share something I [...]