Hear A Little Song #2

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.  ― Friedrich Nietzsche It is now nearing the end of August and I have discovered more music that I listen on repeat. (Plus, this is the only completed post I have among my draft so far, so [...]


Greek Mythology Book Tag

Well, if you don't like tags, then please do look at this as a list of book recommendations. There is a great variety of books in the whole world, after all. Huge thanks to Kathryn at Nose Stuck in a Book Blog for tagging me! Zeus (Jupiter): god of the sky/ thunder & king of the [...]

A Bookish Statement

Apologies for not turning up earlier. I have just gone through the terrible ordeal known as exams. *shudders in horror* I'm not exactly done with my exams yet, but the only ones I have left are listening tests next week, so I'm all good for now. So today I thought I would share something I [...]