On Wonder Woman

Ah yes, Wonder Woman is the movie everyone blabs about at this time. I, am not an exception. I went to watch Wonder Woman a few days after it was showing in the cinemas. I had heard good things about it, and even if I hadn’t, the trailer was enough to convince me that it was worth a watch.

When they were showing the logos, I admit I definitely liked DC’s new logo. Alright, but I assume this doesn’t have much to do with the movie, so back to the topic.

I love this movie. In fact, it’s my favourite superhero movie now, and here’s why.

The story is quite simple (on the surface, that is). You know the ones where the hero/heroine is unaware of the outside world, something happens (epic gasp), and whoosh, out into the world the hero/heroine goes. Not to forget the other bunch of important little details and things that happen.

However, what comes next isn’t what we always see in other superhero movies. Here comes the adorably innocent Diana Prince, who believes that killing the big baddie could rid the world of all evil. Some questions are raised. What if there’s no such thing? What if amidst all the ugliness of war, that’s just how humans are like?

And to contrast the previous questions, the answer from Steve Trevor (who is, in this movie, Diana’s helpful male friend) retorts that humans, yes, we may be flawed and chaotic, but as he says, it’s not about what you deserve, it’s about what you believe. At least, it goes along the lines of that. I’m not entirely sure that I got the quote right.

What is so pure is that Diana will stand up for all that is good and she truly believes that she can and she should help everyone. She believes that it is her duty, and that is what she is going to do.

wonder woman no man's land #1

One of my favourite scenes would have to be No Man’s Land. It was beautiful, the strong and inspiring music in the background, Diana shielding everyone from the enemy (despite a frantic “Diana!” from Steve before). In defying poor Steve’s words, she gave the men a chance to move forward.

I never really did like superheroes girlfriends that much. Usually, they are used by the enemy as some “advantage” over the superhero. In Wonder Woman, the women portrayed in this movie are strong and determined. Looking aside from the Amazons who perform skillful stunts and Diana herself, I found that Etta Candy (Steve’s secretary), was also a strong character, just in her own way.

It is incredibly important in today’s society that women know that they can be a hero too. It doesn’t mean you have to be awesome at kicking ass, but you can be courageous and make a stand or show your emotions. What you say and do are equally important to that of a man’s.


Just to end it all, here is a few lines of the lyrics of To Be Human (Sia feat. Labrinth) from the beautiful Wonder Woman soundtrack:

To be human is to love
Even when it gets too much
I’m not ready to give up

You should really check out the Wonder Woman soundtrack. Here’s a link to a playlist on Youtube. right here.

Oh yes, and a lovely post from Tumblr.

That is that.


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